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Some dubsteps

26 Jan

Dat reverb:

Lana Ray – Born to Die (Gemini Remix)

A month old, but this is the best:

16bit – Dazed Mix

Vaski – Hardstyle

Old.  Good.

SBTRKT – Soundboy Shift


2 Aug


Will Bailey does really amazing electro house.  Now he’s doing really amazing dubstep.

Digeratti – The Thrill (Will Bailey Remix)

And moombahton, apparently.

Will Bailey – The Lizard

Everything Dillon Francis does is fantastic.  He’s somebody that does dubstep, moombahton, and electro house on a regular basis, churns out tunes, and tours constantly, which is really pretty impressive.  Francis has been averaging at least a couple of really solid songs a month.  The Nero remix of this is pretty good, too, if you want to look it up.  Calvin Harris, by the way, despite the fact that I find his production way too repetitive, is absolutely worth seeing live if you ever get the chance.

Calvin Harris – Feel So Close (Dillon Francis Remix)

Zomboy – Organ Donor (Free Download)

Bonus Points: Can anybody identify the melody in this track?  It’s from 16bit’s first EP.

16bit – Ford Fiesta



Dubstep: 16bit Are F#!@&ing Gods

25 Jul

I pretty much love everything 16bit has ever done.  One of their first tracks a couple of years ago, Ford Fiesta, pretty much set the bar their sound, and it’s stayed fresh.  Also, they throw a crazy live show – they’ll be at the Highline Ballroom in NYC August 12.   Their ‘Hitz’ Remix is one of their better tracks of late, which is saying something, since they’ve been steadily pumping out good stuff.

16bit – FRZR9000

Klassroom Mix (filthy, listen to this if you listen to nothing else in this post).

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