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Ice, Ice, Baby

27 Jan


I still think this is one of the best essential mixes ever.

Fake Blood – Essential Mix 3/2009


Comic via XKCD.

The World’s Largest Artificial Tornado. Also, Diplo.

25 Jan

The “strongest artificially generated tornado in the world” is located in the Mercedes-Benz  museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

Diplo – Blow Your Head Mix 1/20/12

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I missed you.

25 Jan

Moar to come soon.

The Oddword – Fire

Tomba & Clockwork

9 Aug

Really haunting lead with a Skrillex-style drop.

Fytch – Raindrops (Tomba Remix)

Clockwork just put out his Breaker EP.  The whole thing’s pretty cool, it’s electro house that gets pretty Dutchy at times.  I liked Wzup, the last track, the most I think.

Clockwork – Breaker EP Minimix

Crookers released a Bust ‘Em Up remix EP.  It’s so-so, a lot of remixes from the Club Cheval crew (Myd, Sam Tiba, Panteros666) whose stuff you’ve really got to be in the mood (i.e. stoned out of your gourd) to enjoy.  The Fatboy Slim and French Fries remixes are decent, though.

Crookers & Savage Skulls – Bust ‘Em Up Remix EP

I love Tony Senghore.  He does really weird, catchy house with distorted vocals for the melody.

Rob Roy – Rollercoaster Baby (Tony Senghore remix)

House: Swedish House Mafia, Zedd, and Udachi

26 Jul

I don’t generally like Swedish House Mafia, they tend to produce pretty uninspired cheesy house music, kind of like David Guetta without the collaborations, but the good thing about them is that their enormous popularity gets them the best remix troupe in the game ever time.  Zedd‘s remix of Save the World is fantastic (the original was garbage, by the way).  It’s got a pretty long buildup, so hang in there, but it’s totally worth the wait once it drops.

Swedish House Mafia – Save the World (Zedd Remix)

Zedd – Dovregubben


Also, Udachi needs to get more popular.  He does an amazing live set, and consistently produces really original tracks.  He packed the tent at Camp Bisco this year, which was nice to see after seeing him in Northampton with only about ten other people.

Udachi – Shambala Promo Mix

Electro House: Trumpdisco again, and more

25 Jul

swim piggy swim

Trumpdisco just released their first self-titled EP, and it’s fantastic, if you like their brand of bass-heavy crazy electro.  The whole thing is worth picking up, which is a little rare – usually even great EPs have a lemon or two.  The first four are pretty standard quality electro tracks, but the best one by far is the last one.  Think James Brown, if all he had access to were some really heavily distorted synthesizers.


Trumpdisco: 1971

Trumpdisco: Mixtape for Marine Parade

NT89 does slightly heavier-than-average tech house, the sort of stuff that will make people go wild at either an electro show or a club.  This John Roman remix, especially, really gets you moving.

John Roman – Sala (NT89 Remix)

Nom de Strip is in a similar vein.  Wolfgang Gartner (who, by the way, I was totally not expecting to be balding), dropped U-turn in his insane set, in the penultimate spot at late-night Camp Bisco, and it got stuck in my head for about 18 hours afterwards.

Nom de Strip – U-turn

Music Dump

24 Jul

i want one, too


Michael Woods – First Aid

Avicii – Levels (Clockwork Remix)

Tramp (Clockwork Moombahton Remix)


Will Bailey is a giant.


Kill the Noise – Roots (Will Bailey Remix)

Genetix – Here Comes The Drastik Final

Ali Love – Diminishing Returns (Alvin Risk Remix)

DarkElixir – Monster Truck


Bare Noize seems to follow a pattern of releasing two to three mediocre tracks and then one amazing one.  This is that.

Bare Noize – Twilight Zone


Finally, Designer Drugs finally released Datamix 15.  More of their usual, which is better-than-average thrasher-punk type heavy electro.


1-Inner Party System – Not Getting Any Better (Designer Drugs Remix)
2-Too Young To Love – Earth (Skitsnygg Remix)
3-John Lord Fonda – Sound of A Melody ( Le Castle Vania Remix)
4-Gtronic – Dance Machine
5-Benny Benassi – Cinema feat Gary Go (Skrillex Remix)
6-Alvin Risk – Pendejas (JFK Edit)
7-Toadally Krossed Out – Toadaroni
8-Hussle Club – Night Society (Designer Drugs Remix)
9-J-Trick – Defjam
10-Jay Cunning and Onesinner – Bad Girls (High Rankin Remix)
11-Designer Drugs – Leather Gang
12-Felix Cartel – The Riddler
13-Blaze Tripp – Vertigo (Jamie Fanatic Remix)
14-Broms – Never Kiss n Tell feat. Christina Rinaldo (PLS DNT STP Remix)
15-Ginuwine, Timbaland & Missy Elliot – Get Involved (Adam F & Herve Remix)
16-The Death Set – Coming to Get Us (Designer Drugs Remix)
17-Lee Mortimer – CTRL
18-Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki feat Lil Jon – Turbulence (D.O.D. Remix)
19-Doctor P – Watch Out
20-Noize Generation – Ghetto Rave (Ikki Remix)
21-Stereo Heroes – Wild Child
22-Access Denied – Intrigant
23-Ali Love – Diminishing Returns (Alvin Risk Remix)
24-Justice – Civilization
25-Sebastian – Embody

James Blake – Why Don’t You Call Me (Trumpdisco Remix) & some house

19 Jul

This song totally creeps up on you.  Not at all what I was expecting after listening to the intro, and I love it.  Trumpdisco has a pretty good track record at this point of doing really creative things within the electro/dubstep genre.  They’re Australian, so I don’t think they’ll be touring in the US til they get a bit bigger, but I’d be willing to bet they put on a great live show.

James Blake – Why Don’t You Call Me (Trumpdisco Remix)

Also, electro house.


BRUK feat. Marie L – Shine On

Martin Solveig feat. Kele – Ready 2 Go (Hardwell Remix)

Chromeo – Hot Mess (Djedjotronic Remix)

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