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Electro House: Trumpdisco again, and more

25 Jul

swim piggy swim

Trumpdisco just released their first self-titled EP, and it’s fantastic, if you like their brand of bass-heavy crazy electro.  The whole thing is worth picking up, which is a little rare – usually even great EPs have a lemon or two.  The first four are pretty standard quality electro tracks, but the best one by far is the last one.  Think James Brown, if all he had access to were some really heavily distorted synthesizers.


Trumpdisco: 1971

Trumpdisco: Mixtape for Marine Parade

NT89 does slightly heavier-than-average tech house, the sort of stuff that will make people go wild at either an electro show or a club.  This John Roman remix, especially, really gets you moving.

John Roman – Sala (NT89 Remix)

Nom de Strip is in a similar vein.  Wolfgang Gartner (who, by the way, I was totally not expecting to be balding), dropped U-turn in his insane set, in the penultimate spot at late-night Camp Bisco, and it got stuck in my head for about 18 hours afterwards.

Nom de Strip – U-turn

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